Patients with ischemic heart disease receiving reperfusion therapy still need to face left ventricular remodeling and heart failure after myocardial infarction. Reperfusion itself paradoxically leads to further cardiomyocyte death and systolic dysfunction. Ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury can eliminate the benefits of reperfusion therapy in patients and causes secondary myocardial injury. Mitochondrial dysfunction and structural disorder are the basic driving force of I/R injury. We summarized the basic relationship and potential mechanisms of mitochondrial injury in the development of I/R injury. Subsequently, this review summarized the natural products (NPs) that have been proven to targeting mitochondrial therapeutic effects during I/R injury in recent years and related cellular signal transduction pathways. We found that these NPs mainly protected the structural integrity of mitochondria and improve dysfunction, such as reducing mitochondrial division and fusion abnormalities, improving mitochondrial Ca overload and inhibiting reactive oxygen species overproduction, thereby playing a role in protecting cardiomyocytes during I/R injury. This data would deepen the understanding of I/R-induced mitochondrial pathological process and suggested that NPs are expected to be transformed into potential therapies targeting mitochondria.
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