The sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected the lives of millions of people around the world. However, this outbreak has not only made the health workers realize their inefficiency and inefficacy in understanding the new diseases and viruses, but has also aggravated the existing living conditions of the patients who were already suffering from so much. Therefore, the doctors have to be extremely careful in protecting the existing set of patients from getting infected with this deadly virus. Therefore, the most important point which the medical industry has to take into accord is that the persons are able to protect themselves to the maximum possible extent. Special care needs to be taken in situations wherein the patients are already treated with cancer, or have to be operated upon. The doctors are also extremely careful in treating the patients with surgeries to ensure that any kind of high fever or any other symptom of the novel coronavirus is not attracted. Therefore, it is usually advisable to decrease hospital visits to such patients. In addition, their routine check-ups should be made through video calls or audio calls. They should not be exposed to the toxics of the hospital. These efforts will definitely pave a way for protecting the weaker portion of the population with any kind of activity.

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