Join us Thursday, October 25 at 9:00pm ET for a live, interactive tweetchat on ICU safety with Kelly Cawcutt, MD, and MEQAPI (Monitoring & Evaluation, Quality Assurance, and Process Improvement). Topics to be discussed take the #MEQAPI tweetchat “fishbone” approach:


Topics to be discussed will hit the six main areas in the fishbone:

  • Policy: What laws, policies, rules, regulations, etc. enhance or degrade safety in the ICU.
  • Equipment: How equipment and devices enhance or degrade safety in the ICU.
  • Measurement: How quality, safety, and performance metrics enhance or degrade safety
  • Environment: What environmental factors cause your issue, what are potential solutions to your issue?
  • People: How do the people in healthcare – the staff, cleaners, technicians, clinicians, researchers, public, media, friends, family, etc cause your issue, what are potential solutions to your issue?
  • Materials: What “medical stuff” that patients need cause your issue, what are potential solutions to your issue.


  1. Log into your Twitter account. Don’t have an account? Where have you been?! Just kidding, we don’t judge, but you should get one! It’s easy to create, and free. You’ll be glad you did.
  2. A couple minutes before 9:00pm EST on October 25, Search Twitter (top right of every Twitter page) for #PWChat.
  3. On the search results page, click Latest at the top left. This will show you all the latest tweets using the #PWChat hashtag. The page will automatically update every couple minutes, letting you know how many new tweets there are using the #PWChat hashtag. Alternately, you can refresh the page every minute or so to see any new tweets using the #PWChat hashtag.
  4. Answer questions, reply to other’s comments, or make a comment of your own as much and as often as you like. Just make sure to leave room in include #PWChat to ensure what you tweet is included in the chat. Otherwise, it won’t be seen.
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About Dr. Cawcutt

Dr. Cawcutt is an assistant professor of Infectious Diseases and Critical Care Medicine and Associate Director of Infection Control at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She is also a blogger at and for Physician’s Weekly. Additionally, she is a speaker who’s passionate about leadership & personal development.

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MEQAPI ( focuses on healthcare improvement, and in the spirit of shameless borrowing (and efficiency), takes existing perspectives from the IHI, AHRQ, and others.