Join us Wednesday, September 13 at 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT for a live, interactive tweetchat with Shereese Maynard, on incorporating nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) into practice. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • The advantages to a medical practice in integrating an NP or PA.
  • Why a solo or group medical practice would be reluctant to integrate an NP or PA.
  • Other obstacles that can be expected when integrating an NP or PA.
  • How a medical practice should plan for the integration of an NP or PA.
  • What should be taken into account in regard to role definitions, care models, collaboration,  when integrating an NP or PA.
  • How else the obstacles of integrating an NP or PA can be overcome.
  • What qualities and competencies a medical practice should look for in an NP or PA.
  • Where and how integrating an NP or PA can improve workflows clinically and administratively.
  • More…

How to Join the Chat

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About Shereese

More than an expert, Shereese is a healthcare design strategies and information governance influencer. She is currently developing policy and content for Pediatric, DME, Direct Primary care, and independent providers. She is serving as the managing director of EnvisionCare Strategies and guides the mission of the company while continuing to work hands-on with many of the nation’s emerging healthcare providers. In addition to governing, Shereese educates healthcare providers about business practices, including policy development & implementation, information technology and governance, budgeting & finance, content marketing, strategic planning, intellectual property, and clinical talent. An enthusiastic and gifted writer, she enjoys a second full-time career as a freelance blogger/writer. You can find her guest-posting across several blogs including, The Book Guys, The Savvy Provider and as the subject-matter expert for She also publishes periodically for The Examiner ( No stranger to social media, Shereese encourages engagement among diverse personalities and professionals. To discuss healthcare with her, you can find her on a platform near you:

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