Physician’s Weekly co-hosted another installment of the #PWChat series on Wednesday, Dec. 13, with Linda Girgis, MD, based on her blog post on why doctors are losing the public’s trust. Long-time #PWChat participant Lisa Davis Budzinski offered the patient perspective to the chat. Representatives from Central Pain Nerve Center also joined to give their expert opinions.

This was the second part of our #PWChat on this topic.

You can read Part I here.

The chat covered how Dr. Girgis & Lisa would respond to the following comments on Dr. Girgis’s original blog post:

  • “The main reason the public has lost trust in doctors is how they ignore serious symptoms and tell people it’s in their head and nothing is wrong with them”
  • “Pill pushers are what most of you are and I sincerely hope that your days are numbered!”
  • “Very often patients are more informed than the doctors they go to see.
  • and more…

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Below are the highlights from the chat. You can read the full transcript here.



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