Join us Thursday, December 6 at 9:00pm ET for a live, interactive tweetchat with Narjust Duma, MD, on representation of minorities, women, and the elderly in clinical trials, inspired by Dr. Duma’s paper “Representation of Minorities and Women in Oncology Clinical Trials: Review of the Past 14 Years,” published in the Journal of Oncology Practice. Topics to be discussed are subject to change but will likely include:

  • Impressions after reading Dr. Duma’s above-noted paper and the current lack of representation of minorities, women, and the elderly in clinical trials.
  • Participants’ experiences in trying to recruit underrepresented populations in clinical trials.
  • Barriers that affect the recruitment of minorities in clinical trials, such as mistrust in the healthcare system.
  • The consequences of not including minorities, women, and the elderly in clinical trials.
  • What can be done to overcome these barriers and increase the inclusion of minorities, women, and the elderly in clinical trials.
  • More…

How to Join the Chat

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About Dr. Duma

Narjust Duma, MD, is the chief hematology/oncology fellow at the Mayo Clinic, where she focuses on thoracic oncology, lung cancer in women, phase I trials, and diversity and inclusion.

In addition to her dedication to her patients as a provider, Dr. Duma is committed to her research and advocacy in diversity and inclusion. She was recognized as the 2018 resident of the year by the National Hispanic Medical Association.

Dr. Duma was selected by her peers to be a diversity and inclusion champion. She works with medical students and residents to help them feel more comfortable with Rochester, Minnesota and Mayo Clinic. Her research also focuses on underrepresented patient populations in clinical trials and how it affects the treatment of cancer patients.