#PWChat Schedule

#PWChat Schedule

Physician’s Weekly and other industry experts host these weekly chats that bring patients, doctors, and other experts together to discuss a myriad of topics. Each week, the chat will focus on one specific subject. Our audience is encouraged to join the conversation by simply searching, “#PWChat” on Twitter, clicking on LATEST to follow along, and using #PWChat in all replies and comments.

Upcoming Chats!

  • On March 2, we will discuss the use of 3D printing in medicine with Lars Brouwers, MD.
  • On April 10, we will discuss gender equity issues in the physician workforce with @JulieSilverMD. 
  • At a to-be-determined date, we will discuss the myth surrounding radiotherapy in older cancer patients with Meredith Giuliani, MBBS, FRCPC, MEd.
  • At a to-be-determined date, we will discuss a TBD topic with Art Founger, MD.
  • At a to-be-determined date, we will discuss paradigm shifts needed in healthcare with MGMA President and CEO, Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright.

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