The acronym QR is derived from the term Quick Response. The codes were invented in Japan and originally used by vehicle manufacturers to track parts. Today, they are used to bring mobile device users online for a multitude of purposes. You can learn more about QR codes at All About QR Codes or About QR Codes. QR code readers have proliferated in recent months, and are available for just about every mobile device — many of them for free. Click on the following links to shop for QR code readers for your smartphone or tablet:

 1. Google Play for Android phones
 2. Apple App Store for iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)
 3. Blackberry App World
 4. Windows Phone Apps


The following articles offer recommendations for QR code readers:

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3. 5 Best Free Android QR Code Scanners

4. Best iPhone QR Code Readers


For a quick primer on QR codes, watch this video: