The effectiveness of multidisciplinary tumour boards (MDTBs) in enhancing the management of patients with tumours of the nervous system has received little research. The goal of this study was to determine how useful MDTBs are in giving alternate diagnostic interpretations and treatment regimens for this patient group. Between July and November 2019, the authors conducted a prospective study of patients in four hospitals whose cases were discussed at MDTBs. Patient demographic information, diagnoses, treatment plans, and clinical trial eligibility were all documented, among other things. A total of 176 instances matched the study’s eligibility requirements. The bulk of the patients (53%) were men, with an average age of 52 years. Glioblastoma was the most common diagnosis (32.4 percent ). MDTBs resulted in 38 (21.6%) changes in picture interpretation and 103 (58.2%) changes in patient care among the evaluable instances. Furthermore, patients whose cases were discussed at MDTBs had significant outcomes. MDTB talks resulted in a large number of diagnostic and treatment plan revisions, as well as reduced referral delays, demonstrating the clinical impact of multidisciplinary care for patients with nervous system malignancies.

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