It was a Retrospective cohort study Non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic persons were diagnosed with kidney failure at a younger age than white patients. Younger patients were also more likely than elderly individuals to obtain transplants and at-home dialysis, but it was unclear whether racial/ethnic differences in medical care exist by age. For a study,  researchers compared kidney replacement treatments among racial/ethnic groups in individuals with incident kidney failure, overall, and by age for research. Initiation of kidney failure treatment during 2011-2018 in 830,402 U.S. adult (>21 years) patients. Patient race/ethnicity (non-Hispanic Black, non-Hispanic white, Hispanic, or other) and age group (22-44, 45-64, 65-74, or 75-99). As of day 90 of treatment, the modality (transplantation, peritoneal dialysis [PD], home hemodialysis [HHD], or intracellular hemodialysis [ICHD]) was used to treat the patient. The variation in therapy strategies was determined for patient groupings based on race/ethnicity and age. Log-binomial regression models were used to estimate adjusted risk ratios (ARRs). Furthermore, 81% of patients were treated with ICHD, 3.0% received transplantation (85% pre-emptive, 57% living donor), 10.5% were given PD therapy, and 0.7% had HHD treatment. Constant differences in therapy were most pronounced among patients aged 22-44. Compared with non-Hispanic White patients whose percentage of treatment with transplantation, PD, and HHD were 10.9%, 19.0%, and 1.2%, non-Hispanic Black patients were less commonly treated with each modality (unadjusted percentages: 1.8%, 13.8%, and 0.6%, respectively) as were Hispanic patients (4.4%, 16.9%, and 0.5%, respectively; all differences P<0.001). The greatest relative gaps were observed for transplantation following adjustment like adjusted Relative Risks (ARRs) for non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic individuals among the age group 22-44 were 0.21, 95% CI (0.19, 0.23), respectively, in comparison with non-Hispanic White patients (Table 2). Race/ethnicity data is not self-reported. Racial/ethnic disparities in transplantation and home dialysis use were most striking among the youngest adult patient age group among persons with incident kidney failure.