There are various dimensions in the Youth which go unnoticed. They go unnoticed because of the reason that people these days are so busy in their lifestyles that they have stopped realizing that the children are like plants or maybe saplings, this is because of the reason they require additional care and support. Therefore, in the absence of the required care and support, there is a possibility for the development of functional disability in then.  Therefore, computerized adaptive tests should be used in order to explore the psychology of their minds. This will help them to ensure that people are provided with care in the best possible manner. They help in exploring the different dimensions of their mind. There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in this regard. Therefore, the results of the test played a vital role in ensuring about guessing the type of the mind of the kids, and hence, there were strong correlations in this regard. There was an accuracy over 70 percent in the tests conducted so far.

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