The objective is to study and examine that how  We portray the cycle by which a PICU and a PICU care group were fused into a clinic wide ICU care model during the Covid infection 2019 pandemic. Inside the setting of the establishment’s thorough exertion to incorporate and arrange care for grown-ups with serious Covid sickness 2019 infection, the PICU was changed to a grown-up Covid illness 2019 basic consideration unit. Medical attendants and doctors went through in the nick of time preparing more than 3 days and fourteen days, separately. Clinical ICU doctors and medical attendants gave oversight to mind and assigned emergency clinic based groups were accessible for systems and normal grown-up crises. Over a 7-week time span, the PICU thought about 60 grown-ups with Covid infection 2019-related basic ailment. 53 required intubation and mechanical ventilation for a middle of 18 days. Eighteen required renal substitution treatment and 17 kicked the bucket.

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