In asthma and allergy genetics, a trend towards a few main topics developed over the last 2 years. First, a number of studies have been published recently which focus on overlapping and/or very specific phenotypes: within the allergy spectrum but also reaching beyond, looking for common genetic traits shared between different diseases or disease entities. Secondly, an urgently needed focus has been put on asthma and allergy genetics in populations genetically different from European ancestry. This acknowledges that the majority of new asthma patients today are not white and asthma is a truly worldwide disease. In epigenetics, recent years have seen several large-scale epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) being published and a further focus was on the interaction between the environment and epigenetic signatures. And finally, the major trends in current asthma and allergy genetics and epigenetics comes from the field of pharmacogenetics, where it is necessary to understand the susceptibility for and mechanisms of current asthma and allergy therapies while at the same time, we need to have scientific answers to the recent availability of novel drugs that hold the promise for a more individualized therapy.