The aim is To report the consequences of recto sigmoid bladder supply (RSBR), a variation of ureterosigmoidostomy (US) in patients with bladder exstrophy (BE) utilizing a three dimensional assessment framework. This was a dominatingly review assessment for all patients of BE going through RSBR who had finished least of 1 year follow-up. The patients were assessed utilizing a three dimensional framework which included assessment of urinary self control per rectally, status of upper plots and wellbeing related personal satisfaction (HRQOL). A sum of 19 patients (four females) were assessed. Mean age was 8.4 years, and mean length of follow-up was 3.4 years. Mean age at RSBR was 5.1 years. Ten patients had great rectal self control. There was periodic insignificant pee spill while passing flatus or on stressing in nine. All patients had safeguarded renal capacity with the exception of one. The mean HRQOL score was 129.7 out of limit of 150..

RSBR gives stamped improvement in personal satisfaction in patients of BE. In the writing there is a non-consistency in the outcomes announcing result of US.

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