The novel coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on the lives of various people this year. However, the virus is not affecting every person in the same manner. Instead, there are variations in the pattern in which the virus affects people. Usually, the people who are already having the problem of acute respiratory distress syndrome, are much more serious as compared to the people who are without this problem. The effects of coronavirus could be felt in these people in a much aggravated manner. The acute respiratory distress syndrome results in the abnormal growth of cells in every possible manner in the lungs. The virus of coronavirus also affects the lungs most. Therefore, when these combine, a very deadly consequence follows. A consequence wherein, the people get severely ill. Therefore, for treating the deadly combined effects of these problems, the authorities are trying their level best to boost the present health facilities. This could be achieved by promoting the research centers which are designed to cater the needs of the present generation and hence, ensure that these diseases which are so much deadly in nature, get cured with the best and affordable treatment.