To examine the relationship between lid margin abnormalities and meibomian gland loss in infrared meibography.
This study was a retrospective chart review of 170 patients with dry eye disease. A correlation analysis between eyelid margin abnormalities and meibomian gland dropout in infrared meibography was performed using data from 141 eyes. We graded the following eyelid margin abnormalities: irregular lid margin, vascular engorgement, plugging, anterior placement of the mucocutaneous junction, exposed terminal duct, and presence of tattoos. Multiple regression analyses were performed with meiboscore (meibomian gland dropout grade) as the dependent variable and age, sex, lid margin abnormality grades, and total grading score of lid margin abnormalities as the covariates. In addition, Meibomian glands structure were examined in those with eyelid margin dimpling using meibography in 25 eyes.
In the multiple regression analysis, an irregular lid margin in the upper eyelid was associated with a higher meiboscore after controlling for age and sex (coefficients B = 1.379, p = 0.025). Other lid margin abnormalities did not significantly affect the meiboscore. In the lower eyelids, irregular lid margin (coefficients B = 0.602, p = 0.009) and total grading score of lid margin abnormality were associated with higher meiboscores (coefficients B = 0.100, p = 0.022). Of the 25 eyes with dimples, 21 (84%) showed focal or complete meibomian gland loss at the site.
Lid margin abnormalities were found to be associated with meibomian gland dropout.

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