This study aimed to evaluate serum levels of ghrelin and obestatin as well as the ghrelin/obestatin ratio in non-obese patients with asthma and in healthy non-asthmatic controls and analyzed the relationships to clinical outcomes.
51 patients with stable persistent asthma and 36 healthy controls were included to the study. Pulmonary function tests were conducted in all case. Skin prick test and an asthma control test were conducted in patients with asthma. All patients and controls were compared in terms of ghrelin and obestatin levels, as well as the ghrelin/obestatin ratio. Plasma concentrations of ghrelin and obestatin were detected by enzymelinked immunosorbent assay. Homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) scores were calculated as an index of insulin resistance.
No differences in ghrelin or obestatin levels or the ghrelin/obestatin ratio were detected between patients with asthma and the control group. Ghrelin levels were significantly lower in obese patients. The HOMA-IR score was significantly higher in patients with asthma than in controls.
Ghrelin and obestatin levels, and the ghrelin/obestatin ratio, were similar in controls and patients with stable asthma. Although the groups were similar in terms of body mass index and waist circumference, the HOMA-IR score was significantly higher in patients with asthma.