Different interventions have been proposed to improve influenza vaccine coverage. The use of reminders, through letters, phone calls, pamphlets or technological applications, among others, has stood out among the different alternatives to increase adherence to vaccination. However, its effectiveness is not clear. In this summary, the first of a series of evaluation of reminders will address the use of a reminder sent by mail.
We searched in Epistemonikos, the largest database of systematic reviews in health, which is maintained by screening multiple information sources, including MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane, among others. We extracted data from the identified reviews, analyzed the data from the primary studies, performed a meta-analysis and prepared a summary table of the results using the GRADE method.
We identified eight systematic reviews that included 35 primary studies, of which 32 correspond to randomized trials. We concluded that a reminder sent by mail, probably increase adherence to influenza vaccination in all age groups (adult population, over 60 an under 18).