Despite the publication in 2009 of a paper on ‘terms and definitions of immune thrombocytopenia’ (ITP), some unresolved issues remain and are reflected by the disagreement in the treatment suggested for primary ITP in adults. Considering that these disagreements could be ascribed to non-shared goals, we generated a ‘consensus’ on some terms, definitions, and assertions useful for classifying the different lines of treatment for primary ITP in adults according to their indications and goals. Agreement on the appropriateness of the single assertions was obtained by consensus for the following indicators: . classification of four ‘lines of therapy’; . acceptance of the expression ‘sequences of disease’ for the indications of the respective four lines of treatment; . practicability of splenectomy; . acceptance, with only some exceptions, of a ‘timing for elective splenectomy of 12 months’; and . ‘goals of the four lines of therapy.’ On the basis of the consensus, a classification of four lines of treatment for primary ITP in adults was produced. In our opinion, this classification, whose validity is not influenced by the recently published new guidelines of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) and reviews, could reduce the disagreement that still exists regarding the treatment of the disease.