There have been various studies that have been conducted in order to unravel the six-minute walk test in children and the youth with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. This particular six-minute test is basically being used at an increased rate in conducting the research which is used to evaluate and measure the functional exercise capacity of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. There are various types of psychometric properties with this population that have not been evaluated so far. The main aim and objective of this study are to evaluate the reproducibility and re-test availability. The participants were taken from the age group of 22 years and hence, at the same time, an attempt was made to evaluate the six minutes test as a part of a routine assessment. It was repeated a number of times. The results denoted that the ICC was 0.85 and the standard error of measurement along with the smallest detectable difference were 23.5 and 54.2. This was practically the smallest difference that was measured; and it was observed that there has been evidence of good reproducibility in the children who were practicing this therapy. Hence as a conclusion, it was proved that the efficiency could be increased owing to this practice.

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