To summarize the research progress of tibial transverse transport in the treatment of diabetic foot.
The domestic and foreign literature on the tibial transverse transport for diabetic foot in recent years was summarized, and the advantages and disadvantages of the technique were analyzed.
The tibial transverse transport was an innovation based on Ilizarov technique. At present, the treatment of diabetic foot by the tibial transverse transport is in the initial stage and has achieved good results, but there are also problems such as ulcer recurrence and re-fracture. And its biological mechanism to promote tissue regeneration, clinical technical points (such as the selection of incision and bone window size), the technical parameters of postoperative removal program, and the postoperative effectiveness are still in dispute and exploration. More clinical studies and practices are needed in the future to develop a standard protocol for this technique.
Tibial transverse transport is a hot spot for microcirculation reconstruction of lower extremity. Significant progress has been made in the treatment of diabetic foot, which provides a new direction for limb salvage treatment. However, the technique is not mature, there are still many disputes and difficulties to be further studied clearly.