This study was designed to investigate if whole dimension subcortical ovarian administration of platelet-rich plasma with gonadotropin, in proximity to most ovarian follicles, is effective in restoring ovarian functions in women during early menopause.
Platelet-rich plasma, prepared from 40 mL of autologous peripheral blood using the buffy coat method, was injected into extended subcortical area of bilateral ovaries along with recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone (rFSH) (Gonal-F 300IU) under laparoscopic guidance. The posttreatment ovarian folliculogenesis and serum levels of FSH, luteinizing hormone (LH), and estradiol were followed up for 6 months at weekly to monthly intervals. IVF was carried out in women resuming ovulatory functions.
Twelve early menopausal women with mean age of 44.42 ± 2.84 were enrolled. After treatment, 11 women resumed their menstrual period in 37.1 ± 23.5 days. Their average serum FSH was 70.47 ± 20.92 and 26.22 ± 17.55 IU/L, luteinizing hormone was 34.81 ± 11.86 and 14.3 ± 12.8 IU/L, before and after treatment, respectively. The mid-cycle E2 was 251.1 ± 143.8 pg/mL. Ten oocyte retrievals were carried out among six participants, four of them received controlled ovarian stimulation and another two using natural ovulation cycles. Thirteen mature eggs were retrieved which were then ICSI fertilized to obtain 10 normally fertilized 2PN oocytes. Two participants had cleavage stage embryos transferred of which one achieved clinical pregnancy.
Whole dimension subcortical ovarian administration of platelet-rich plasma with gonadotropin was shown to restore ovarian functions, at least temporarily, and could increase the probability of pregnancy using autologous oocytes in women with early menopause.

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