People with disabilities usually lie behind their normal peers in their academic progress and they struggle with the changing requirements. Transitioning out of school is often challenging for all the students due to changes in requirements and, especially for young adults with disabilities as they struggle with changing their patterns.

Parent involvement can enhance the transition process and student outcomes following graduation. There is very limited information regarding how and why parents provide support to their young adults in high school and college, thus reducing the ability for professionals to maximize parental investment in the well-being of their young adults. The purpose of this study was to learn about parent experiences providing support to their children with disabilities as they age into adulthood. A total of subjects who participated in the study was 26. They were the parents of PSE graduates who participated in interviews.

Through its findings that study described how parents provided support to their young adults, discussed reasons why they provided support, and offered recommendations for other parents to effectively support their children with disabilities as they age into adulthood.