The aim of this study is Rezūm water flume warm removal is another insignificantly obtrusive procedure used to treat amiable prostatic hyperplasia. Significant favorable circumstances incorporate negligible sedation and recuperation time, low pace of sexual results, and solid clinical improvement. Nonetheless, information are missing in regards to utilization of Rezūm in prostate organs >80 cc. Here we try to inspect the clinical results of men with enormous prostate organs following Rezūm. We reflectively investigated patients who went through Rezūm treatment at our establishment since July 2017. Three-month postoperative results were broken down, including American Urological Association manifestation score (AUASS), top stream, and post void lingering (PVR). Confusions, including hematuria and urinary parcel contaminations, were additionally surveyed. All measurable examinations were directed utilizing RStudio. Hence we conclude One hundred 82 patients going through Rezūm were distinguished, of whom 25.8% had prostate volume >80 cc. Mean organ volume in this gathering was 119 cc and 55.3% were catheter subordinate.

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