There are discussions about whether patients with liquor related liver infection (ALD) ought to follow the “half year restraint rule” prior to going through liver transplantation (LT), particularly in the event of living benefactor LT (LDLT). The liquor backslide rate was most elevated (54.5% at 3 years) for current smokers without half year moderation who got DDLT, and it was least for never/ex-smoker with half year restraint who got LDLT (4.3% at 3 years). For LDLT beneficiaries, the liquor backslide rate was not diverse as per restraint period (17.7% versus 11.6% at 3 years for short abstinent period < 3 months versus ≥ 3 months, P = 0.92), yet it was higher for current smokers contrasted and that for non/ex-smokers (22.4% versus 5.8% at 3 years, P = 0.05). While thinking about LDLT for ALD, restraint period may not be a flat out contraindication as forbearance period showed a powerless relationship with liquor backslide. Smokers need cautious consideration for liquor backslide.

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