We studied the causal variation, prognosis and risk factors of parvo viral enteritis using both molecular and statistical analysis. A multivariate factor analysis was performed to see the effect of the breed, age, vaccination status and the leukocyte counts on disease severity and survival. Twenty PCR amplicons (partial VP2 gene) from vaccinated dogs were sequenced to identify the variants. A total of 109 samples were positive for parvo viral DNA, 71 of which were from dogs who have received at least one dose of CPV-2 vaccine. Over 90% were leukopenic on 2 and 3 day of diarrhoea. Age < 6 months was negatively correlated with leukocyte count and the leukocyte count was negatively correlated with survival. Dobermans and Labradors showed significant negative correlation with survival. All variants of parvovirus affected dogs with the 2c being the predominant (2c = 12, 2a = 7, 2b = 1). All 20 strains harboured three additional amino acid substitutions (i.e. Phe267Tyr, Ser297Ala and Tyr324Ile) and warrant further studies on potential changes of the antigenicity of the virus.
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