Artificial intelligence has now been one of the most important technologies in any kind of work. In terms of spine surgery, the artificial intelligence named artificial neural networks has been used widely throughout the world. ANN has several applications to manage spinal diseases that include 

  1. Assessment and diagnosis of spinal disease and its progression of the patients with low back pain and other complications, whether to go for spine surgery or not, rate of readmission post spine surgery. 
  2. The enhancement of the information extracted from the radiographic images in order to predict the Pfirrmann grades, spinal stenosis and Modic changes. 
  3. Based on the data the It also provides the possible predictions and treatment process for that.

Therefore this evidence proves that the ANN applications are very much helpful and make the work of the surgeons easier and improves clinical decision making. As the day will go on the use of artificial intelligence will be increased more in order to make more accurate reports and diagnoses. This will also help the doctors to become perfectly sure before doing any spinal surgery or treating a spinal disease. Thus AIs are playing an important role in terms of treating spinal diseases.