An online survey was developed to examine Rotavirus (RV) gastroenteritis (RVGE) awareness and comprehension, as well as knowledge and attitudes about RV immunization in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Parents, prospective parents, and guardians of children under the age of five who have sole or shared responsibility for their child’s health and well-being decisions were selected from an online panel and given their consent for research participation. Participants from the majority of countries had a high level of awareness of RV infections, and of those who were aware of RV. The advice of a healthcare professional (HCP) was recognized as the primary motivator for individuals seeking vaccination, followed by the availability of the RV vaccine in the national immunization program.

Despite a high degree of awareness of RVGE among participants, improving RV vaccine uptake requires developing understanding about the difficulties of RVGE prevention, the danger of RV contraction, and the related significant effects such as dehydration. HCPs, who have the most influence over participants’ vaccination decisions, are most positioned to overcome current information gaps and advise parents to vaccinate their children against RVGE.