In patients with prostate cancer, high NLR seems to be associated with worse survival. Abiraterone acetate (AA) is a new generation hormonal treatment that has shown to increase PFS and OS in mCRPC.
Retrospective analysis of patients treated with AA in our center (December 2012-September 2018). We analyzed the association of the NLR (< or ≥ 3) before and after 6 months of treatment with PSA response, PFS, OS, and hormone sensitivity prior to AA (< or> 12 months).
We have treated 56 patients with a median age of 82 (62-94), of which 22 (39%) had NLR ≥ 3 before treatment. There is a statistically significant association between the NLR prior to treatment<3 and PSA response, OR=9,444, P=.001, and there was no association with the NLR at 6 months of treatment. Statistically significant differences were found between the groups of NLR 3 prior to treatment with abiraterone in PFS with 15 months of median vs. 9 and P=.008, and in OS with 20 months vs. 9 with P=.014. With respect to the determination of NLR at 6 months, there are no differences in the survival curves between both groups. There are significant differences between the NLR prior to treatment according to the length of hormone sensitivity (P=.026).
Our results suggest that NLR could provide relevant information and could act as an early and accessible prognostic marker in patients with mCRPC in first line treatment with Abiraterone.

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