Extrusion, lateral luxation, and intrusion are among the most serious types of dental trauma. Only a few studies have specifically focused on extrusion; the present one was aimed at reporting a case of domestic traumatic dental injury to primary tooth and describing the measures taken in managing the trauma in order to avoid future consequences to the underlying permanent tooth germ.
A 3.5-year-old boy reported a dental injury with extrusion and root fracture of deciduous tooth 5.1. After intraoral and radiographic evaluation, the element was repositioned and stabilized by an orthodontic flexible splint attached to the adjacent teeth. Several follow-up checkups were made and showed good healing of the tissues and physiological exfoliation of the tooth, with a healthy and unaffected corresponding central permanent incisor.
This case report strengthens the importance of well-timed diagnosis and treatment and of regular follow-up of traumatized teeth as they may affect both dentitions with a negative impact on Oral Health-Related Quality of Life. Conservative treatment should be taken into consideration when possible, being in some cases more appropriate.