In a survey of more than 3,400 physicians in their 20s and 30s, Medscape conducted a 2019 compensation survey of younger physicians. Respondents were asked to provide their compensation for patient care, including salary, bonus, and profit-sharing contributions (only full-time salaries were reported by partners).

The salaries for both primary care physicians and specialists have significantly increased since 2015, increasing 21.5% and 20%, respectively. The overall average this year was $313k.
So how much do younger physicians earn? Primary care physicians and specialists over the age of 40 earn considerably more than their younger colleagues. Older primary care physicians earn $60,000 more annually, while specialists earn around $64,000 more.

In 2018, the breakdown of salaries for physicians under 40 are the following:

While plastic surgeons have the highest salary, they also carry the most debt. Who else is still paying off student loans? 


Plastic Surgery    74%
Pediatrics             69%
Ob/Gyn                66%
Family Med         65%
Orthopedics         65%


Dermatology        45%
Internal Med        44%
Cardiology             44%
Gastroenterology 43%
Rheumatology      33%


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