This study aims to demonstrate the efficacy of salvage oblique lumbar interbody fusion (OLIF) surgery for pseudarthrosis after posterior/transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF/TLIF).
The subjects consist of the patients with leg or back pain induced by pseudarthrosis after PLIF/TLIF. These patients underwent salvage OLIF surgeries in our institutions between Jul 2015 to Oct 2019. We retrospectively evaluated their clinical and radiographic outcomes.
Seven consecutive patients (all male; mean age 68.4 years ± 9.3, range 53 – 81) were included in this study. There was no intraoperative complications in all cases. Six of seven patients achieved bone union (at average 33.4 months follow-up) and had a successful postoperative course. Only one patient failed to gain bony fusion and required additional revision surgery due to progression of sagittal and coronal malalignment at 18 months after salvage OLIF surgery.
Salvage OLIF approach was useful option for pseudarthrosis after PLIF/TLIF. It enabled us to build a rigid anterior support, extensive curettage of intervertebral scar tissue and reduce the rate of the complications associated with dealing with posterior scar tissue.

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