The Particulars: Data is lacking on the prevalence of traditional and other possible risk factors for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) among young patients. Researchers have hypothesized that ACS in this population may indicate risks for a thrombotic event independent of underlying atherosclerotic disease.

Data Breakdown: A retrospective study of ACS patients aged 35 and younger who underwent coronary angiography found that nearly half (49%) were obese. Most patients (90%) had at least one traditional ACS risk factor, most commonly hyperlipidemia (63%) and smoking (60%). Among the 43% of patients with intracoronary thrombus, underlying coronary disease was undetectable in 30%.

Take Home Pearls: Young patients with ACS appear to be more likely to have a a high prevalence of hyperlipidemia and smoking. They also tend to be obese. The presence of thrombus without coronary disease may indicate a thromboembolic event in many of these patients.