There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to measure the effects of skin cancer on the scalp and how it affects the body’s reactions. There have been many studies that have revealed that the increasing quantity of melanoma in the skin. These also include the possibility to provide for the nourishment the skin needs so fra. However, with the increasing quantum of melanoma under the skin, the scalp was able to get more and more spots which reduced the beauty of the head. In addition, there were recent studies that proved that in the population of 859 patients amongst whom 85 percent were the ones with reportedly high content of melanoma. In addition, there were the other grounds under which such persons were subjected to a greater treatment and in addition, they also wanted to get the best of the treatment avaibale. The scalp productivity was reduced upto 45 percent and hence, the density of the hair was only affected by an additional amount of melanoma under the skin. Hence, there were many therapies suggested and henc, it was decided to inject the amount of 5.2 mg/L of AFR into the skin so that the abnormal growth of the cell could be controlled.

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