The purpose of this study was to evaluate a facilitated interactive role-playing activity on increasing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine recommendation skills for school nurses and school-based health center staff. A 1-day workshop was implemented for school-based clinicians focused on improving HPV vaccination rates in schools. The workshop included a facilitated interactive role-playing activity involving five scenarios related to recommending the HPV vaccine to parents. Participants completed a usability survey with open-ended questions assessing their experience. A general inductive approach was used to examine responses. Sixteen participants completed the usability survey. The major strength identified specific to the activity included opportunity to practice evidence-based recommendation skills (n = 10). Weaknesses of the activity identified included lack of diversity (n = 4) and complexity within the scenarios (n = 2). Results could shift current educational and clinical paradigms through the implementation of hands-on education strategies to effectively train school-based clinicians to strongly recommend the HPV vaccine.