Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is an essential micronutrient that the human’s body cannot synthesize endogenously. Scurvy, a disease of ascorbic acid deficiency, can manifest in a myriad of presentations. Due to its rarity in the modern world, scurvy is considered as a disease of the past. We present a paediatric case of scurvy with musculoskeletal manifestations as a result of picky eating behavior.  We report a previously healthy nine-year-old boy who presented with unexplained progressive bilateral lower limb generalized weakness and pain for two months. All initial biochemical and radiological investigations were unremarkable. Upon further history taking, he had severe picky eating behavior which raised the suspicion of scurvy. The diagnosis was confirmed with a serum ascorbic acid test. After ascorbic acid supplementation, his symptoms resolved immediately. Further food behavioral modification counselling to his family members helped to change his diet in a lasting way. As a result, he had no recurrence of symptoms. This case highlights the importance of having a high index of suspicion for an uncommon disease and emphasizes the need for a detailed dietary history upon patient’s presentation.
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