This study states that Raynaud marvel (RP) in connective tissue sickness (CTD) can be impervious to oral vasodilator treatment, bringing about wild advanced ischemia. Intravenous (IV) prostanoids are frequently utilized, however the advantage can be transient and not all patients react. Selexipag is an orally dynamic specific IP-type prostanoid receptor agonist utilized in aspiratory blood vessel hypertension.

We portray 2 patients where selexipag fundamentally decreased computerized ischemia after disappointment of other oral vasodilating specialists. Subject 1 with undifferentiated CTD had noteworthy recuperating of her fingers and subject 2 with foundational sclerosis (SSc) similarly affected her toes (Figure 2). The two patients had recently reacted to discontinuous IV epoprostenol mixtures however had bounce back ischemia between implantations. There was a hole of at any rate fourteen days between the last epoprostenol implantation and the commencement of selexipag. In the two cases, selexipag was started in December, and critical improvement was obvious before the finish of January, notwithstanding the cold Montreal climate. however patients were rejected in the event that they got prostacyclin or its analogs in the earlier 3 months, and there is no data on the number of had gotten IV prostanoids or whether they reacted to them.

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