Self-inflicted genital injuries are uncommon and timely and evidence-based early care can enhance these complicated individuals’ urine and sexual function. To examine the therapeutic approach to addressing genital trauma, this study evaluated existing literature and treatment trends. Between 2000 and 2019, a literature evaluation of self-inflicted genitalia trauma and trauma management was conducted using the MEDLINE® database, the Cochrane Library® Central Search, Web of Science, and Google Scholar. This review includes 42 papers that were thought to be relevant.

Self-inflicted trauma can be effectively addressed using a multidisciplinary approach. The objective of treatment is to preserve urinary, sexual, and reproductive functions. The mechanism of damage, imaging, identifying the amount of harm, and surgical treatment, if necessary, are all part of the specific examination. Because these injuries are uncommon and urgent, most of the therapy is reliant on retrospective data. More research is required to enhance the long-term functional outcomes of trauma victims.