Semaglutide in HFpEF across obesity class and by body weight reduction: a prespecified analysis of the STEP-HFpEF trial. - Physician's Weekly


Semaglutide in HFpEF across obesity class and by body weight reduction: a prespecified analysis of the STEP-HFpEF trial.

Aug 28, 2023




  • Barry A Borlaug

    Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA.

    Dalane W Kitzman

    Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and Section on Geriatrics and Gerontology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC, USA.

    Melanie J Davies

    Diabetes Research Centre, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK.

    NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre, Leicester, UK.

    Søren Rasmussen

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Søborg, Denmark.

    Eric Barros

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Søborg, Denmark.

    Javed Butler

    Baylor Scott and White Research Institute, Dallas, TX and Department of Medicine, University of Mississippi, Jackson, MS, USA.

    Mette Nygaard Einfeldt

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Søborg, Denmark.

    G Kees Hovingh

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Søborg, Denmark.

    Daniél Vega Møller

    Novo Nordisk A/S, Søborg, Denmark.

    Mark C Petrie

    School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK.

    Sanjiv J Shah

    Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA.

    Subodh Verma

    Division of Cardiac Surgery, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.

    Walter Abhayaratna

    College of Health and Medicine, The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

    Fozia Z Ahmed

    Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

    Vijay Chopra

    Clinical Cardiology, Heart Failure and Research, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, New Delhi, India.

    Justin Ezekowitz

    University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

    Michael Fu

    Section of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital-Ostra, Gothenburg, Sweden.

    Hiroshi Ito

    Department of General Internal Medicine 3, Kawasaki Medical School, Okayama, Japan.

    Małgorzata Lelonek

    Department of Noninvasive Cardiology, Medical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland.

    Vojtech Melenovsky

    Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine – IKEM, Prague, Czech Republic.

    Julio Núñez

    Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia, INCLIVA, Universidad de Valencia, and CIBER Cardiovascular, Valencia, Spain.

    Eduardo Perna

    Instituto de Cardiologia J. F. Cabral, Corrientes, Argentina.

    Morten Schou

    Department of Cardiology, Herlev-Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Herlev, Denmark.

    Michele Senni

    Cardiovascular Department, ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, Bergamo, Italy.

    Peter van der Meer

    Department of Cardiology, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands.

    Dirk Von Lewinski

    Division of Cardiology, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria.

    Dennis Wolf

    Cardiology and Angiology, Medical Center – University of Freiburg, Faculty of Medicine, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany.

    Mikhail N Kosiborod

    Department of Cardiovascular Disease, Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine, Kansas City, MO, USA.


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