This study states that Aside from general issues related, for instance, to general sedation or untreated urinary lot contaminations, ureteroscopy (URS) might be acted on the whole patients with no particular contraindications. The principle sign for the utilization of the semirigid ureteroscope is the treatment of distal ureteral stones underneath the degree of iliac vessels. For more proximal stones, albeit semirigid ureteroscopes could be utilized, the use of adaptable ureteroscopes is these days supported in view of the not unimportant danger of retropulsion into the kidney.Also, semirigid URS could be performed before adaptable URS. One favorable position of doing so is that the entire ureter is inactively enlarged under direct vision while precisely understanding the consistence of the ureter to more readily recognize the ideal ureteral access sheath (UAS) size as per the patient’s life systems. Second, particularly on account of second-look systems, missed sections that relocated down into the ureter can be taken out before UAS arrangement. Indeed, grinding of the UAS against parts can create ureteral sores that are now and then serious.

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