Executive dysfunction (EF) is a common feature of adult traumatic brain injury (TBI), especially in moderate to severe cases. Assessing EF usually requires the administration of an extensive neuropsychological battery, which is time consuming and expensive. The INECO frontal screening (IFS) is a brief, easy-to-administer screening test which has previously shown to be useful in the detection of executive deficits in different psychiatric and neurological populations. The aim of the present study was to assess the usefulness of the IFS in the detection of executive dysfunction in TBI patients. Twenty-eight TBI patients and thirty-two healthy controls were assessed with a battery that included classical executive tests and the IFS. Our results indicated that with a cutoff score of 26.25 points, the IFS showed good sensitivity and specificity in the detection of executive impairments in TBI patients. It also showed good positive and negative predicted values. Our results suggest that the IFS can be considered a useful tool for identifying executive dysfunction in patients with TBI.