This study states that Hantaviruses cause hemorrhagic fever in people around the world. Nonetheless, few hantavirus observation crusades happen in Africa. We recognized Seoul orthohantavirus in dark rodents in Senegal, despite the fact that we didn’t discover serologic proof of this sickness in people. These discoveries feature the requirement for expanded reconnaissance of hantaviruses around here.

Hantaviruses (family Hantaviridae, variety Orthohantavirus) are RNA infections communicated by aerosolized excreta from contaminated rodents and wenches. In people, they cause hemorrhagic fever with renal condition (all the more frequently saw in Asia and Europe) and cardiopulmonary disorder (more normal in the Americas) (1). Just 1 case has been affirmed in Africa, in the Central African Republic in 1987 (2). Notwithstanding, concentrates from 2006 through 2013 have found new hantaviruses in autochthonous African rodents, moles, and bats. Also, serologic proof in people and rodents in Africa propose neighborhood dissemination. For instance, an examination in provincial spaces of Senegal discovered 11.5% of rodents and 16.6% of people had antibodies against hantaviruses. All the more as of late, serologic proof of hantaviruses was accounted for in homegrown and peridomestic rodents from certain locales in Senegal.

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