There have been increasing instances wherein new diseases are emerging and this is causing a worrisome conduction for the medical industry. The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus is in the piistion to take a toll on the lives of the so many people in absence of a vaccine to cure the same. Therefore, the diseases is also known for havibg simailarities with the other existing diseases. The medical industry conducted a study to find the co-relation between Sepsis linked Acute Kidney injury and the Covid-19 by reading the medical details of a population comprising of 485 patients who had similar symotoms. All the people in the sample were aged above 70 years of age. In addition, there have been situation wherein an overal fatality rate of 1-10 percent was observed for both of the diseases. Hence, it was prved that the people who are being provided the treatment for both of the deadly dieases are in the position to intake nearly 2-10 mg/L of the AKI medications as advised by their doctors for the betterment of their health. Therefore, the research has been capable of proving the above mentioned research.

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