The study was conducted to describe an easy surgical technique for SEG placement in endonasal revision rhinoplasty and analyze the procedure’s aesthetic results.

Thirty-eight patients were submitted to an endonasal approach revision rhinoplasty with SEG’s endonasal placement to correct a short nose with a hypoprojected and hyper-rotated nasal tip. Pre- and postoperative nasal length, tip projection, and tip rotation were measured for each patient.

An increase of nasal length by 15.02 ± 3.91% and an augmentation of tip projection by 11.34 ± 2.26% were noticed after surgery concerning preoperative conditions. A significant decrease in the columellar-labial angle was recorded on postoperative examination concerning preoperative conditions. A reduction in the columellar-lobular rise was noted on postoperative assessment concerning the preoperative examination. No relevant postoperative complication was recorded.

The study concluded that the “endonasal” approach described for SEG placement was an easy and reliable procedure to treat a short nose with loss of tip support and projection, columellar retraction, and hyper-rotated tip, especially in revision surgery. The advantages of our technique over previously described approaches were reported.