Rubella is a major cause of congenital birth abnormalities that are preventable from being vaccinated and lifelong organ damage, particularly in impoverished nations. The unborn child is up to 90% suspected of acquiring congenital rubella syndrome for women exposed before conception or throughout the first quarter of pregnancy. In Sub-Saharan Africa, there is scant data concerning the seroprevalence of rubella among pregnant women. This study therefore aimed to assess the pooled seroprevalence of rubles in Sub-Saharan Africa among pregnant women. To write a systematic review and meta-analysis, the PRISMA guidelines procedures were followed. Searched for published studies in Medline, PubMed, Google Scholar, Google Advancement and the Cochrane Library were completed. Using Cochran Q and I2 testing statistics, the heterogeneity of the study was assessed. Using the Egger and Begg Test, the bias of publication was evaluated.

This meta-analysis contained 28 papers. A group of 89.0 percent were reported for anti-RV IgG in Sub-Saharan African pregnant women and 5.1 per cent for pregnant females for pregnant women were reported.