The observation states that Medical services staff face higher danger of contamination during the Covid illness (COVID-19) pandemic in view of their fundamental job in recognizing and treating people influenced (1,2). Albeit fundamental specialists in numerous occupations have higher danger of disease due to eye to eye cooperation with the general population, work force in clinics and nursing homes have more regular and drawn out contact with people known to be tainted with extreme intense respiratory disorder Covid 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Medical clinics and nursing homes are likely focal points of disease transmission. Clinic work force direct exercises going from disease screening to overseeing progressed life support gauges and might be presented to patients with high popular burdens (3). Disease hazard can be exacerbated by deficiencies in close to home defensive gear (PPE) and different assets, including staff (4,5). Nursing homes have been alluded to as “ground zero” (6) of the pandemic since occupant passings have contributed excessively to in general COVID-19 mortality (2,7). A few variables may expand intrafacility transmission, incorporating inhabitants with hazard factors for serious COVID-19 illness and delayed viral shedding (e.g., progressed age, hidden conditions), a huge extent of asymptomatic diseases.

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