Hematology and serum biochemistry reference intervals were estimated for the Iberian hare (Lepus granatensis). Most parameters differed significantly between hunted and livetrapped Iberian hares. Significant differences were found for sex (red blood cell count, mean corpuscular volume, total protein, albumin, uric acid, triglycerides, cholesterol, chloride) and age classes (red blood cell count, hematocrit, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, glucose, calcium, and sodium). Sex- and age-specific reference intervals were estimated for these parameters. Red blood cell count, hemoglobin concentration, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, urea, and potassium show seasonal variations, with the lowest values in summer and the highest in winter. Creatinine, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus achieve their highest values in summer and stable baseline values throughout the rest of the year. These reference intervals can be used as baseline to monitor health, physiology, ecology, and nutrition of Iberian hare populations.
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