Reduced funding to contraceptive services resulted in restricted access for women. Pharmacists are already embedded in SRH care in the UK and could provide an alternative way for women to access contraception. The main objective behind the conduction of this study was to determine the views of UK contraception providers about community pharmacist-led contraception provision.

An anonymous questionnaire was distributed to healthcare professionals at two UK SRH events.

240 questionnaires distributed, out of them only 174 were returned with information. The provision of the progestogen-only pill by PGD was most strongly supported. Respondents were of the view that the use of bridging contraception would improve, the use of effective contraception would increase, and unintended pregnancies would decline. However, another rising concern was that the use of long-acting reversible contraception would decrease. Perceived barriers included pharmacists’ capacity and competency to provide a full contraception consultation, and women having to pay for contraception.

The study concluded through its findings that the UK SRH providers were largely supportive of community pharmacy-led provision of contraception, with training and referral pathways being required to support contraception delivery by pharmacists.