Semiconductors have been widely utilized to fabricate optoelectronic devices. Nevertheless, it is still a challenging task to achieve high-quality (Q) resonant light absorption using the high-refractive-index semiconductors. In this work, we propose a facile scheme for multi-band perfect absorption in the near-infrared range using an array of core-shell cylinder-shaped resonators which are composed of gold nanowires and thin silicon shells. Based on the cooperative effects between the photonic modes of the semiconductor cavity and the plasmonic resonances of the metal resonator, five sharp absorption peaks are observed with the maximal absorption close to 100% (99.98%) and a high Q factor up to 208. Moreover, different semiconductors such as gallium arsenide, indium arsenide, indium phosphide have been exploited to reproduce the sharp perfect absorption in this core-shell resonators platform. The remarkable features make the proposed system potential for multiple applications such as multispectral filtering, photo-detection and hot electron generation.
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