There have been various studies that have been conducted in order to unravel the various indicators of the incidence of the disease of glomerular. It was discovered that Urinary inulin clearance was deemed to be the perfect gold standard of glomerular filtration rate. This was usually measured using the quantity of plasma in the urinary content. This was made more accessible using the tracers and the biomarkers like the RNA sequencing, which played a vital role in determining the content of the enzymes which could be helpful in proving the existence of the disease. In addition, there has been an increase in the quantum of research that has been conducted so fra including various, models which include GFP models so far. These have been helpful for proving that any content of plasma being higher than the value of 85ml/L are said to indicate towards the presence of the disease, this was made evident by reading the traits of 8900 patients who had reported variations in the content of plasma in themselves. These samples had a probability of being truthful with chances of more than 1 percent. Hence, this was a positive sign for reporting such instances.

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